Value of Shadow Boarding for Foam Case Inserts

Foam shadow boards are a visual management technique that improves tool control by a clear and coordinated presentation of items using coloured polyethylene foam. A coloured foam base is laminated to an anthracite/black topper; pockets, shaped to the components’ dimensions, are routered into the foam with a bespoke fit via CAD drawing; then, as items are removed, the empty pockets in the foam visually standout to highlight what specific tools are in use.

UU Shadow Board Foam Case Inserts

Shadow boarded foam is prevalent within the automotive and aeronautical industries but is growing in popularity amongst domestic manufacturers, field engineers and for personal uses as an aesthetic and practical method of organising valuable items such as tool foam drawer liners, drone cases, tool foam case inserts, portable camera equipment and more. The benefits of foam shadow boards are clear to see (pardon the pun):

  • Save time – clear, visual management of tools and components ensure all items that are stored away can be accounted for with any missing items visually-known
  • Create order – implementing shadow boarding requires logical and creative planning to bring a calculated order to tool storage that can save production time

    For example, using coordinated colours for different areas or stages in production
  • Reduce errors – avoiding foreign object damage (FOD); originally a term from the aviation industry to the describe damage done during production, usually caused by wrong tools being used when the correct tool has been misplaced or lost
  • Added protection – closed cell polyethylene foam offers superior protection qualities for shadow boarded cases including excellent durability, rigidity and ability to withstand repetitive hits

    As pockets are made-to-fit, they provide secured protection with goods in transit
  • Custom design – all foam pockets are manufactured via CAD to provide bespoke and snug fitted pocket; with branding options available.
Foam shadow boards are valuable accessory in case inserts to improve productivity and minimise loss, all-the-while helping businesses to save money. Shadow boarding can be applied to almost any foam case insert and made to fit any case, space or box you require.

Rubbarite offers full conversion services as foam case inserts suppliers from CAD design to manufacturing the made-to-measure foam insert. We are one of the largest stockists of polyethylene in the UK enabling us to offer a range of brands, including Plastazote, OK Company and Palziv, foam densities, colours or specialist grades, such as static dissipative or flame retardant.
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